Founded in 2011 by a young woman called Errais Hasna, ARGALIFE is a company specialized in the production and export of organic argan oil, organic prickly pear seed oil and other products.

ARGALIFE is a company whose history is based on close and long- lasting partnership with small producers and rural cooperatives situated in the South East of Morocco. 

Ensuring a complete mastery of the argan oil production process through her Moroccan entity, ARGALIFE has introduced rigorous quality controls at every manufacturing step – from the selection of the almonds to the oil extraction – to reach an uncomparable Argan oil quality, thus combining efficiency and ethical concerns.

All our products are certified by internationally recognized organizations. The oil we produce is the result of following certifications :

-ECOCERT number MA-BIO-154       


-ONSSA : National Office of Sanitary Safety of Food Products

-FDA : USA Food and Drug Administration


ARGALIFE engage sdirectly in a partnership with women cooperatives and small producers :

*To improve their volume of production allowing them a regular income to provide for the requirements of the daily life such as the schooling of their children on a not temporary or seasonal basis,

  • To improve the conditions of production by introducing modern technologies

  • To be open to any kind of partnership with theicustomers.

Our approach seeks to maximize opportunities for small farmers, to enhance the traditional skills and contribute to the preservation of biodiversity. ARGALIFE develops an exchange with small farmers, so that you can discover original and tasty products from exceptional natural soils.

ARGALIFE respects traditional operations circuit, from the collection of the fruits to consumers delivery. Going through all production stages is essential because preserving practical know-how solves the economic, social and ecological issues such as the future of the area and of local populations.

We work according to international standards (ECOCERT, FDA…) resulting from organic farming.

In the context of increase in professionalism of the sector, ARGALIFE ensures product quality, tracability of their raw materials, hygiene and safety food. Oil is tested and controlled by laboratories accredited at national and international level.

Our company history and facts